Frequently Asked Questions

What are my voting rights?

You are afforded full voting rights on all matters requiring a vote or those issues on which the Board of Directors desires a consensus. Your vote is equal to that of any other unit owner on all such matters. Each Unit is entitled to cast 1 vote.

What restrictions exist on my right to use my unit?

These restrictions are presented in your Declaration of Condominium, Article 22, "Obligations of Members" and in any Rules and Regulations promulgated by the Association's Board of Directors.

What restrictions exist on the leasing of my unit?

Pursuant to the Association's Documents and Rules and Regulations, a completed Application to Lease Form is required, a long with an application administrative fee of $100.00/Adult and a Security deposit of $350.00. Lease term is a 1 year minimum.

How much are my assessments to the condominium association for my type of unit and when are they due?

Maintenance fees are due on the First day of the month and are considered late if not paid by the 10th. Current Maintenance Fees are $445 per month.

Do I have to be a member in any other Associations?

No. You are not required to be a member of any other Association.

Am I required to pay rent or land use fees for recreational or other commonly used facilities? If so, how much am I obligated to pay annually?

No. You are not required to pay rent or land use fees for recreational or other commonly used facilities.

Is the condominium association or other mandatory membership association involved in any court cases in which it may face liability in excess of $100,000?

No. The association is not involved in any court cases.

The statements contained herein are only summary in nature. Unit owners and purchasers should refer to all Condominium Documents, Rules and Regulation, and any account information received from Condominium Associates before making any decision to lease or purchase at this community. Neither the Condominium Association nor Condominium Associates warrant this information.